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Apr 11 2013 Anchor

My name is Yves Tremblay and my team and I are
creating a great game app named SlingCat for smartphones and
tablets. Recently, we have launched a Kickstarter campaign for
the game and would love it if you could review our campaign and
see if it merits your attention (which we totally hope we do!).

What makes us unique is that we are blending classical animation
with fun gameplay inspired by the old-school arcade games. We've
filled it with hand-drawn, animated characters and lush
environments, and continue to flesh it out so that it acts like a
mini-adventure movie. We want it to be interesting, we want it to
be challenging, but mostly we want it to be fun. It's a
completely independent effort and we love every minute we work on
it, even if it can be an uphill battle.

So a little backstory on the game....The story of SlingCat is of
two intrepid cats with big dreams and adventurous souls. Armed
with a treasure map to a mysterious island, they go in search of
excitement. But they are attacked by the villainous Dog who
captures SlingCat's friend and with her, the treasure map. Armed
with a bow and special arrows, it's then leave it up to you, the
player, to help SlingCat battle his way across the island, avoid
pitfalls, collect all manner of items, find the treasure and save
the day!

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