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Nov 27 2012 Anchor

Hi there,

I am looking to form a very small team to create an indie game. I am experienced with unreal kismet and can make quite a lot of a game using just this and my level design skills. I was basically considering asking a programmer to join the team and help me create a game (possibly with a third member as an artist).

I was wondering if, being experienced with kismet, if it is actually worth seeking out an unrealscript programmer. How easy is this, does there tend to be quite a few out there looking to make game and also is it worth me learning unrealscript instead, having already gained some good knowledge of kismet? Which do you reckon is the better approach here - reach out to a programmer with a nice demo created using unreal kismet (which was my original intention) or learn unrealscript myself and effectively become the game programmer.


Nov 28 2012 Anchor

Well, it really boils down to whether you want to program. If you do, go for it, you can learn UnrealScript. But if not, get a programmer. Simple as that :D But you will need someone to do UnrealScript, I am still learning UDK but as far as I can tell a full game using Kismet would be pretty unrealistic. :)

Nov 28 2012 Anchor

Hey plinkie,
Been doing uscript for 8 months myself, but it's only my second language. If it's a simple game I might be up for working on it with you been making prototypes/practising anyway. You can get hold of me via Skype or Email

I can't really advise on whether you should learn yourself since you've given no info on your previous programming experience or the game structure.

Cya around,

Dec 7 2012 Anchor

If you're not a programmer, learning UnrealScript will be a bit of an obstacle for you. If you have some programming experience, it's fairly simple to grasp syntax and behavior (a bit C++/C#-like in its design). I worked as a programmer with a team of students on a UDK game where I only worked with UnrealScript—I never once touched Kismet (a few others on the team did use Kismet, though). From my understanding, they don't cross paths much, though each has its advantages. I found that the language documentation is terrible, almost useless, which made coding pretty rough at first even though I'm a rather competent programmer.

As for whether it's better for you to learn UnrealScript or take on a programmer, I guess that depends on what you can offer that programmer vs. what you're willing to sacrifice to learn the language and do all the work yourself. I don't think it's a simple answer either way. If you can find an experienced UnrealScript programmer willing to work with you, I think it would be a great advantage to you if only because you don't have to worry about the learning curve of the language. (And, nothing would stop you from also learning it and contributing while you have another team member.)

Dec 20 2012 Anchor

I did start working through a book and I can now draw objects and set their location as well as create actor classes and allow level designers to adjust variables of these. Not bad for basically doing it from scratch! I'm hoping by the end of this book I'll know enough to make my own game. Would recommend it to anyone just starting out, Rachel Cordone's UnrealScript Beginner's Guide. It is a lot easier to grasp when you can already use the editor and are already using kismet.

Dec 21 2012 Anchor

Just a note. Unreal4 engine will no longer use unrealscript. It will however use C++ or kismet.

No loss though, what you learned is valuable. The api should be very much the same.

Dec 21 2012 Anchor

ShinobiNFC wrote: Just a note. Unreal4 engine will no longer use unrealscript. It will however use C++ or kismet.

ShinobiNFC wrote: It will however use C++

ShinobiNFC wrote: C++

o.O! Link please?!

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ambershee Nimbusfish Rawks
Dec 21 2012 Anchor

I don't have a link to hand, but can confirm that the above is true.

Feb 3 2013 Anchor

It's true chaosTechnician, one the reasons I moved on from my UDK project. That and I didn't enjoy debugging with Frontend so much.

" For those wishing to customize further, programmers can click on a property and edit the C++code directly, with no rebuild time required.In the past, gameplay code existed in UnrealScript. UnrealScript is the scripting language which forms the core of current community mods, and much of the gameplay code of all previous Unreal Engine titles. "

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