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Sep 3 2017 Anchor

Dear artists,

I have a suggestion in terms of an alternative form of payment. If you are an Indie games developer with decent artistic skills and your first language is not English but would still want to make your game available in English, perhaps we can help each other out. Despite being Chinese, I was born and raised in the UK with English being my first language. Some critics can be rather unfriendly when they encounter a game with numerous grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. I would be willing to help you tackle such problems. I can simply start off by using an online translation tool to get an idea of the story and the meaning that needs to be conveyed and then I can carefully retype it all in what I would consider to be the most lively as well as accurate translation I can provide in order to preserve the quality of the story. All I would ask for in exchange is your help in art work for my RPG Maker game. There will be no need for any revenue share or money involved. My story is still incomplete and it will be some time before I will actually be needing your help. That means that I will most likely to be the one to help out first so you will not have to worry about helping me for nothing and then not hearing from me again. Does that sound fair? If this proposal interests you, perhaps you can add me as a friend.


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