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Aug 30 2019 Anchor

Hi IndieDb Community! I misspelled the name of the Project: "Search And Seizure"

To begin, Wyked Games Development, is a Modding/ Indie Group Focused on 1: Developing work towards a Demo of a neat Game Concept, to be worked on in the Hopes of getting to Alpha/ Full Release, and 2: if we do not get the work done and it falls apart, it is stated very clearly that any work on the project remains the IP of the creator, and only gets published by the group upon Title Release...

I have some Work In Progress images regarding the initial Brainstorm-To-Proof of Concept Workflow, *see Attached Files*

I have been managing Free Assets and producing models to fill in any areas not covered by downloadable Assets, ie. i Did get a good handful of Free Assets However i modified most of them and produced my own 3d/2d artwork in 3ds Max/ Photoshop/ CrazyBump/ and UE4. I am mostly a 3d modeller that skins my models and i have a good amount of "Mapping" Experience, however the whole Level Design is a bit much for me, Though i am very well-versed in Unreal's Content Management, and always loved the simplicity of importing my work and doing 'quick n easy mapping'... With practice in Dunia's Editor, i have become very good at Landscape Sculpting, as you may see in the Jeep Render Screens, those are screen-grabs from UE4 Editor, and the Landscape is not too bad IMHO.

Thanks for any feedback members give,I have supported many games as a Modder, and i hope that Our efforts in the IndieScene will be supported in the future.

Images of Works In Progress:

Initial Jeep Import to UE4, at Entrance of Prison Grounds

Final Jeep Import, Better Paint and Tinted Windows, All Doors Fit at Real-World Scale, and The rims might be modified further to make 'spinners' (Dubz)

Of the 5-7 Weapons we have ready to be implemented, this is still my favorite

Basic Test of 3ds Max Clay-Render using Light Tracer with Area Shadows, Barbed Wire Transparency needs some work though.

Our Website will be Live in 48 Hours, = or - Business days.

We are a friendly and hard-wokring, but small team, and have openings for development:

-2D Artists, working with textures in Substance Painter, ZBrush, etc. or Photoshop, GIMP, etc. to create textures and possibly add a "Skins" Section to give players the "Pr0-Outfitting" they want ( a bit like R6 Siege but not as expansive)

-Programmers and BluePrint Designers, implementing Core-Functions not already in Unreal Engine: You are free to resell the Technology at anytime, however We ask that you wait until published on our website, it will be safe for all of us, so no worries.

Level Designers & Architectural Visualization Artists: A: Level Designers who know Lighting Practices such as: "Volumetric Lighting using [Skylight + DynamicDirectionalLight] to produce Realistic Sunlight, possibly with day/night cycle (BluePrint Designer should be able to help with outlining an BPInterpActor to orbit and change value of the DynamicDirectionalLight. and any PostProcessVolumes values) ; B:Architectural Visualization Artists should able to create "2018 Version FilmBox, .fbx" models with UVW Mapping applied. Basic Materials for MultiPurpose are ready for architecture to be implemented, so the design has a Directionl; Whilst you have freedom for "Fictional" Purposes to be creative... Gameplay is Involved, so being [Too Creative Should be avoided.

If you are interested in any of these areas, Please feel free to join our Discord @

Temporary Website is here:

It will be linked to in a while, but the site is fully functional right mow.

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