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Jul 9 2019 Anchor

(for a Duke Nukem mod\map)


Unknown russian suburbs, the city is gray and miserable, desperation is
the daily bread for those citizens who are struggling to survive.
But there is something more sinister going on: the Recruiters (men in suit roaming the streets convincing the
young people to be part of the circuit of the Versailles Elite, as they call themselves).
The Recruiters are particularly nasty as they charm the youngster alluring to an incredible life.
The deal is simple: 5 years of luxury life inside a fake Versailles, enjoying life to the extreme pleasures without working, plenty of food and drinks, living the life of the richest.
The fake Versailles is composed by a few blocks: outside gray and decadent buildings, inside The Elite has recreated the Court of Versailles at the time of Marie Antoniette, with huge decorated saloons, grand palaces, luxury gardens and fountans where the people are dressed like eighteenth-century courtiers.
But the deal has a cost, a hefty cost: At the end of 5 years, the people has to accept to die in front of an mixed audience of evil creatures and Elite that is just made of skizoid\maddened men and women, down deep in the belly of the Court of Versailles.
Some will die in private rooms, some in big auditoriums where all sort of technique are used: presses, spikes, guillotines, deep holes, pools of lava, acid, vehicles, etc...
Terrible creatures and a few deranged humans assist the executions cheering and laughing.
You have to terminate this ill-dystopian-nightmare, eradicate the Elite; 1)first killing all the Recruiters (which are heavily armed) that are roaming the city searching for their naive victims 2)and then venturing into the Court of Versailles exploring the beautiful but tragic facade of this luxury world 3) and then finally go deep down where the executions and the horror are taking place.



Recruiters are roaming the decrepit suburbs of an unknown russian city;
they are looking for young people alluring them with 5 years a wonderful life, but in exchange
at the end of the 5 years, they have to die in horrible ways for the pleasure of a deranged group of people: the Elite.
Aliens are complicit in this horror as part of a grand plan to weak the society from inside spreading corruption,
deranged behaviour and chaos.

sprites of the Recruiters, texture of the luxury buildings in the style of the Versailles of the eighteenth-century, sprites of the people dressed like courtisans that are roaming the luxury buildings and gardens, sprites of the people getting slaughtered.

music from the eighteenth-century, screams of the victims,
random spoken lines from the different characters:
1) ''I want you to save you from this miserable life, come with me!''
2) ''Are you ready for the best time of your life?''
3) ''yes, exactly! 5 years of living like a filty rich pig!''
4) ''...oh, and then there is just a little formality...''
5) ''sign here!''
People getting slaughtered:
1) ''5 years, stuck in my mind, 5 years that's all I got!''
2) ''This is the end, my beautiful friend...''
3) ''This is it!''
4) ''tell my wife I love her very much!''
5) ''Tell your sister, don't do what I have done!''
6) ''horror!''
Deranged Elite:
1) ''I love rolling heads! rolling, rolling, rolling!''
2) ''look at that hydraulic press!..marmelade for breakfast tomorrow!!''
3) ''one, two, three, let the next one come to me! ahhh! ahh! ahh! ahhh!''
4) ''what a great show! more! again! push them down! put that one against the wall!''
5) ''oh, the smell the fear!''
6) ''burn baby burn!''

This is just one idea for a small mod and it is unrelated with my script:
Explosions in Duke Nukem are a treat for the eyes; digitized from real explosions are really fitting the mood.
I think a new type of explosion's shape is missing: a very tall flame (at least twice the usual mushroom-shape explosion); a great example of this type of flame is in the intro of the film Blade Runner by Ridley Scott, one of the elongated, sexy, sinuous flames that comes out from the tall chimneys is what I have in mind.
I think it could be a great addition as often the pipe bombs are thrown into a pit or from a ledge of a building and the consequent visual explosions are lost, but a tall flame will give that extra eye-candy, so I'm looking forward to a dedicated modder that will take in my idea;
in this case the sprite of the pipe bomb could be slightly different, like a different colour adding some minor details to change the usual design that everyone knows.

If you are a modder and want to use this script, I would like to receive some feedback and eventually see your effort of the mission\map\mod you have created.
If you are not a modder but like the idea of this mission to become a real mod, let your favourite modder to know about it, thank you!


The Idea Is The Thing

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