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Jun 12 2014 Anchor

Hello everyone!

We are in the process of finishing our second game Nexionode, a Sci-Fi puzzler.
We released a first trailer and it would nice if you could provide some feedbacks so we can improve our next video.

Here are our first trailer:

Does this trailer leaves you with some questions you think should be answer in the next video?
What didn't you like? What could we improve?
All feedback are welcome, don't hesitate.

Thank you for watching/reading :)

Jun 12 2014 Anchor

It is a really well-made Trailer which makes me really interested to try out the game and this is obviously the point of the trailer so I think you achieved this. But I think I have a few improvements in mind. First of all I think I understand the concept of the game and I like this kind of Puzzle games, they are great in relaxing and having fun, but usually I like them to be colorful and with a lot of "Happiness" going on so it is enjoyable to stay and play them for a long time. I see your game has a more Melancholic and Dark feeling which is pretty good but again I think I prefer what I stated above. Of course this is what I think just by watching the trailer and I don't think I can have a full opinion without playing the full game.
Anyway, I wish you good luck with your Project :D

Jun 12 2014 Anchor

Thank you so much for your feedback Mister George!
I'm glad you point it this out; indeed the "dark" atmosphere is quite strong in the trailer since we emphasized on the premise of the story (the warning, to start with).
We'll definitely remember to make the next video lighter and show the game is comfy and not depressing :)

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