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Nov 29 2012 Anchor

Hello everybody!!

I hope you are doing great!
My name is Alan Chavez, and I am launching my new project specifically targeted towards independent game developers: SamurArt

What's my SamurArt all about?

SamurArt provides a way to connect independent game artists with independent game developers, so that artists will create AMAZING art for your games at an affordable price!

Correct if I'm wrong, but don't you find way too hard to find affordable high quality graphics/music for your games?

Well I do, and just as myself, I'm sure that there are thousands (or even millions!) of other independent game developers out there that cannot afford a professional game artist to create: characters, tilesheets, music, level design, etc.... Does that sound familiar? If it does keep reading!

What do we do to overcome that problem? That's a no brainer! We use copyrighted content!

Don't be ashamed, rest assured that you are not the only one using ripped tilesheets.

A lot of us have done it before, and it's "OK" to prototype your game... as long as you keep it for yourself and your closest friends, you'll be out of trouble.

but what's going to happen when you publish a game using copyrighted images or music?

Best case scenario: Publishing sites will not accept it.
Worst Case Scenario: You are sued for copyright infringement.

So this is where the real nightmare begins... now you have a few options left:

1) Use Open Game Art
Let me be honest about it.. 90 - 95% of the open game art just sucks.

2) Hire a Professional Game Artist.
If you have an angel investor, savings, or whatever source of money and you are willing to spend more than a $1000 USD for game art, probably this the best solution for you. Reality is, a lot of independent game developers cannot afford such services.

3) Do it yourself!
This one sounds great... the downside is if you're like me.. you cannot draw a tree even if your life depended on it... isn't it true?

4) Cheap Royalty Free Graphics!
This is where SamurArt comes into place. SamurArt will bring you the best deals on games art made by professional game artists for you to use in your projects at ridiculously low prices! Isn't that great?

Yeah that sounds great, but I'm here for the Torque2D license bro.. just tell me what to do, I want it!

Along with the launch I started a contest to give away a license for Torque2D ($128 value) or iTorque ($148 value) to one of our e-mail list subscribers. All you got to do to enter the contest is:

1) Visit Samurart and type in your e-mail (Sorry, I cannot post URLs yet)
2) Confirm your subscription to our e-mail list
3) Answer a 4 question survey.

That's it!

I will select the best entry, and give away the license to one of you!

Thanks a lot!

P.S. If you're not interested in the services that my company offers then please DO NOT SUBSCRIBE, chances are that you are not going to win the contest either.

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