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Jun 18 2019 Anchor

Game Play

Beat-um up

Inspired By

  • Golden Axe
  • Earth Worm Jim

Animation Direction

  • Cartoony as hell

Why do this?

  • I Thought it would be fun to experiment and try different things



New enemies

Thought I share some concept drawing for some enemies I had in mind. I will animate them in pencil first then I will update it in color when I am done. This will be for the next level. I love black and white drawing, I love the raw feeling of paper and pencil.

Snake enemy

I added the snake in the game to see if it works. I like to work rough and dirty, so I can see if it is worth committing the effort to clean it up and color. Below is my process when I make animations for my video game.

Process break down

1-Model of enemy{Done}

2-Make rough poses of different states. In this case am attack. { I already did, and I liked it }

2-test the pose in the game{I already did, and I liked it}

2-Rough animation{ I already did, and I liked it }

3-Add rough in game {What you are seeing now}

4-Decide if you want to commit to clean up and color. If you do not like it repeat step 2.{I want to commit}

5-Clean up and color the rough animation{Pending}

6-Integrate the art in game {Pending}

7-Done {Pending}

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