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May 7 2017 Anchor


So I wanna learn how to reverse engineer PC Games such as COD MW2 or COD AW and edit some code into, yet I have no idea where to start to learn how to reverse engineer. Do any of you know where I could start or find tutorials to do this stuff? Thanks

Nightshade Technical Artist
May 19 2017 Anchor

Sigh, you have no idea how grand a thing you want to do here. You are asking for the source code of one of Activison's largest IP's - which is protected by copyright law. Even if you manage to decompile the executable, doing anything with it would be illegal. I'm pretty sure the EULA of the game even says that you are not allowed to try and decompile and reverse engineer the game. Any kind of mod you manage to produce that way (which I seriously doubt you would be able to do even with years of experience working as a professional software developer) would most likely result in a law suit.

You should drop this idea and focus on something creative instead - like making your own game.

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May 27 2017 Anchor

Why don't you look into something open-source like Cube 2 Sauerbraten? Or maybe Red Eclipse? Heck even all of id's games up to DOOM 3 are open-source (code, not art, music, sounds, maps, etc.) ya don't really need to look into reverse engineering a game.

Jun 4 2017 Anchor

That's a great question, I would like to know too.
I see some guys doing scripts for games like GTA V, maybe its related to HEX codes, I don't know.


Jun 4 2017 Anchor

One example of reverse engineer working well is games that had their source-code lost. Some fans R.E.'d Strife which is what lead to Strife: Veteran Edition.

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