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TKAzA Community Manager
Jan 30 2013 Anchor

Please report dead mods here.

We will NOT remove "DEAD" mods that are RELEASED, we do not delete released mods.

Listing a mod here will not guarantee removal, please follow the guidelines and accept the admins decision.

- If your a mod leader or a member of a team wanting your mod to be removed, simply archive it with the button provided on the mods profile.

- If your not a member of the mod team, ensure you have contacted the mod team or developer prior to listing the mod, allowing them sufficient time to respond.

- If your reporting a mod for being dead, please provide sufficient evidence that it is dead.

This is not a forum for the discussion of dead mods, if you feel the need to discuss mods listed here, use the PM system or make a thread in the development discussion about it.

If you see a mod listed here and don't want it to be dead, how about contact the developer and take the mod over.


Aug 15 2013 Anchor

Arma 3 - Badlands Mod needs to be removed it is dead i thought i was doing a good thing apparently no one wants it can you remove it.

-It is my mod-

merv71 Martyrags
Oct 16 2013 Anchor

whos stole half of the halflife 2 episode 2 mods there is so many good mods listed and released but no downloads


Well here goes nothing !!

Oct 31 2013 Anchor

so I'm new here, wanted someone to help me be downloaded mod game mount & blade war more mods was not the error I could help arranging this errorerror weapon_e.dlt ok earned

Dec 28 2013 Anchor

I guess people have no been using this thread right... well anyway, I'd like to report a mod which I have come across so many times, and I just don't see the point of it, it's not even a real mod:

Jul 30 2014 Anchor

Yldrania wrote: I guess people have no been using this thread right... well anyway, I'd like to report a mod which I have come across so many times, and I just don't see the point of it, it's not even a real mod:

Removed, to note you don't have to report old dead mods updated 4-8 years ago as those can be progressively and easily caught & handled by the staff.

So please report only new 1-24 months old (or last updated) TBD mods that have no media (screenshots, etc) any longer on their profiles - mods canned by developers themselves that were never archived or removed off the site.

That also includes recently "released" mods whose downloads and pictures were deleted and are not available anywhere or original developers do not wish them released here (so "released" mods that became "unreleased").

Crypt Level Designer Type Thing
Jul 31 2014 Anchor

This mod has media up, so it may not fit your criteria, but there is a news post claiming the mod is dead, yet the page is still open, and the developers have taken to deleting all prior comments.

Jul 31 2014 Anchor

Never noticed this before. Are dead mods deleted, or archived? I ask because there is 1 long dead mod, but it's the only archive I know of that has the assets, screenshots, etc. And there's links in the comments about extra stuff should someone ever want to revive the project.

Jul 31 2014 Anchor

Thanks Crypt, well, that mod fills the requirements to be archived, so it is fine to report such as those too. Archived mods won't show up in search results but you can still look through their news and media pages if you have direct URLs to profiles themselves.

SabreXT, dead mods are either archived or removed depending on their level of completed and presented progress as well as how "dead" (and far from finished) they actually are.

Qualifying for removal:
- no media whatsoever (a specific profile doesn't meet submission requirements any longer)
- pre-alpha/alpha/beta downloads deleted or never released

mods to archive:
- filled up with media
- no downloads released
- declared dead

profiles to stay authorised, limbo mods:
- not officially declared dead or achived by devs themselves
- although TBD, a mod page still holds alpha/pre-alpha downloads so the mod is released in some way or another, and is playable or revivable

So SabreXT, you would have to link that mod in question as every case may differ. May probably fall under the category of "limbo mods" even if it's announced dead.

Edited by: feillyne

Aug 1 2014 Anchor

Ok then. I hesitantly report 2 mods. But if these are candidates for deletion, can you please give me some time to archive the comments, posts and media? As I'm not aware of any active site that still hosts this information.

First Shadows of Lylat.
The mod was declared dead on one of the forums the devs post at.

Second is Project Kursed. The devs went silent, and in the comments, say they are working on it "in another medium".
Once again, if it's going to be deleted, let me know so I can archive all the media and pass it on.

Aug 1 2014 Anchor

Yes SoL is still downloadable as dev assets so it qualifies as a limbo mod and can stay authorised on the site, so people (and possible new developers-to-be) can yet find it.

Project Kursed may be archived not deleted - only profiles "purged" by developers (deleted media, deleted downloads) are eligible for deletion.

Crypt Level Designer Type Thing
Aug 1 2014 Anchor

Like this?
I'm not sure this even qualified as a mod to begin with.

Aug 1 2014 Anchor

Exactly like this, thanks again.

Aug 1 2014 Anchor

Ah, sorry. My mistake.

Crypt Level Designer Type Thing
Aug 5 2014 Anchor

This is either dead, or the developers were just trying to reserve a URL.

Edited by: Crypt

Aug 5 2014 Anchor

Yes media have been deleted but developers seem to be still active so it'll be left un-authed so developers can add missing media (it'll go through re-submission phase).

Crypt Level Designer Type Thing
Aug 5 2014 Anchor

Huh. I think I'm noticing dead mods more often now that I know there's a thread to report 'em...

Aug 13 2014 Anchor

Thanks yet again.

Oh by the way, dead purged games (indies) can be reported too.

Apr 16 2015 This post has been deleted.
Apr 16 2015 This post has been deleted.
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Crypt Level Designer Type Thing
Oct 4 2015 Anchor
Oct 19 2015 Anchor Dead ago 6 years Dead ago 4 years

Oct 19 2015 Anchor

Thanks to Crypt again.

@Juju44330, those mods are already archived, they do not have to be deleted. Also they possess images so they are not empty profiles either.

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