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Dec 7 2012 Anchor

I wanted to know if it is okay to release the game on indieDB even though it is in very early alpha (the whole "only high quality stuff" issue). Also, which one would you choose - releasing it (in general) only when it is close to a finish to leave a good impression or release it early to get feedback?

Dec 7 2012 Anchor

Well, many games make demos or alpha versions available, so I guess if you have a playable version you could just add it to your game's "Downloads" section (I'd wait for it to be finished before adding it to Desura, though).
As for the time of release, it really depends on the game. Minecraft was great for alpha releases, since the core gameplay was already in place. Other games aren't fully playable from that early on, or (in the case of RPGs), their story isn't finalized yet, and it would just bore fans to play the same story section over and over for each release. The true measure of how release-ready your game is isn't how complete, but how playable it is. If you were to release a barely functioning prototype it would only hurt your game's reputation,
But of course feedback is just as important. The time for releasing the game depends on the game, but as a rule of thumb I'd propose the first beta build as the first candidate for release. It ensures that the game won't change too much to alienate the players, and is already working fine to some extent.

A note, just to clarify:

  • Alpha stage is when you're implementing new ideas for your game, try out what works and what doesn't.
  • Beta stage is when most features have already been determined and at least been partly implemented. This stage stabilizes and polishes your game.
  • Your game goes gold, when it's ready for release - all features have been implemented and bugs have been dealt with.
Dec 12 2012 Anchor

Thank you Pabo, your reply help me also a lot!

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