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reok SR Project Lead
Oct 31 2011 Anchor

Mountainwheel Games is a creative, innovative, and dedicated indie studio that creates fantastic games for audiences of all ages. We always value our fan's ideas and criticism. Dedication and quality is the key in our development and we guarantee that our games will not disappoint you. We are recruiting for an action and open world game which is set in the prehistoric Stone Age. Moddb page:

Stone Rage is planned to be a realistic and fast paced multiplayer game with a third-person camera view, using the free-to-play model with many purchasable options to generate steady revenue. The game will have a setting unique and unused in modern games, that being prehistoric Austria, France and Germany. There are several multiplayer modes, for example: Team death-match, Free for all, Capture the flag, Free-roam and Survival. Join the battle!

Additional Information on the game:
• Game Title: Stone Rage
• Platform: PC
• Genre: Action and adventure
• Theme: Rural Survival
• Engine: CryEngine 3
• Price: -
• Release Date: When the product is complete

• Prehistoric landscapes
• Prehistoric animals
• Realistic blood & gore
• Challenges and tasks
• Character customization
• Reward system
• Crafting
• Choosing tribes from the Stone Age

Here is what we offer:
• An opportunity at having a released title on your résumé/portfolio
• Be part of a productive skilled team
• No relocation required

We are looking for talented applicants that fit the following criteria:
• (2) Level Designers
• (2) Environment Modelers
• (1) Concept Artist
• (1) C++ Coder/XML/LUA Coder (optional: cryengine 3 exp.)

For more information or applying, do not hesitate to email me.




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Nov 2 2011 Anchor

Ive been following the news on your mod a while and I really like your concept art.
I wish I could help out, but ive commited myself to another Indie team for CryENGINE3.

You could also post a request on:

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reok SR Project Lead
Nov 2 2011 Anchor

Oh, that's a pity!

Thanks tough. We already posted on but gonna check out the other link.

All the best,
Reok, SR Project Lead

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