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Dec 29 2019 Anchor

Hi all. I want to show you my voxel/graphics pack to play Doom maps in progress

It actualy contains not only voxels, but:

- a couple of new sprites, and code oriented to create fireball and fire effects

- light definitions to use with advanced software renderers (8bit priorm but 32bit and GL are also working nice)

- a new palete, oriented to help the engine to render dynamic ights and cool sprite effects in 8bit software. If somewhere it damages original graphics - please make a screenshot for me, ill fix

It does NOT changes gameplay or any parameters of weapons. If i will do such addons - they will be separated from maun pack.

I orient it ti use with 8bit renderer, all the effects are tested there, 32bit and GL are not prior, so if they somewhere look strange - you have to show me a screenshot, ill try to fix, but only if it will not damake the look in 8bit.

All voxels, sprites and code here are made by ME and only by Me (ConradRDW, GRAU are both my personalities :D )

Some textures added to palete pack to fix their look under this palete. They are taken from original game now but will be replaced by their clones soon.

You may play with it as much as you want. You may distribute it for free as much as you want, but specify my nickname or my site then.

If someone want to take some of my resources to his own project - he have to contact me.

All rights reserved ;)

You may always find a last stable version on my web page:

RDW Studios

Or find a development/tester release here:

Q/L/G/ZDoom version -

Delphidoom version -

As for ZDoom-based sourceports - you may use any you like, starting from ZDoom 2.8.1. Actually stable release of delphidoom has no support for this pack and dynlights too. But you may use WIP version: - Thanks jval.

You may also look at his topic in future to find latest updates of this sourceport:

Demomap (map01) with all things i have created yet - But some monster attacks are not demonstrated there - better try some cool vanilla or boom wads instead :)

Known problems:

- Some of new sprites look weird in delphidoom version. This is because of specific translucency logic and will be fixed soon.

- A few original game sprites or textures may look weird - this may be caused by new palete - please repord such situations here, specify your sourceport please, it can help in fixing the problem too

And now a few screenshots. I will use QZDoom q2.00 for that - i like delphidoom but it's dynlights have been just implemented a few days ago and look weak now:













Edited by: GRAU_ex_ConradRDW

INtense! End Boss
Dec 30 2019 Anchor

Looking aewsome, you should create a mod profile for it here: so we can showcase your updates.


Scott Reismanis
DBolical | @scottreismanis

Jan 1 2020 Anchor

Really excellent!!!

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