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Jan 17 2013 Anchor

hi everyone

not too sure if this is the appropriate location to post this but would like to know if anyone can help me anyway (oh and English is not my first language by the way so sorry for any mistakes)

i have downloaded and installed two mods from this site through Desura program as it was advised at the download page of the mod i was searching and i believe the program successfully installed the mods Dead Spirits and Lost the Ligths (both custom stories i think) because i already played a little bit and everything seemed to be fine. But the reason why i created this post is because i can't load my saved game from any of the mods. I play for a few minutes, then "Save and Quit" and if i want to continue, it only allows me to start the mod from the beggining and there is no record of any saved data in the "load" option from the Amnesia main menu, except data from the original game story.

I would like to know if this is suppose to be like this or if there is in fact something wrong here, maybe with the installation?

oh i would like to know where does Desura installs those modes, because i can't find them, i think i could find in the Amnesia main folder, or any sub directories but no...

can anybody help me?

Jun 23 2013 Anchor

Just download the stories without desure if you feel unsure about how it works. I'm not using desure so I'm afraid I can't help you with that issuse, but I can advice you to download them the regular, oldschool way.

After you have downloaded them without desure, unpack the Zip/RAR (mostly Zip I think) and put the story folder in your custom story folder (if steam user) or reddist (if non-steam user). Then start Amnesia and click on "custom stories" and click on the story you want to play. Your loaded games will NOT be in the amnesia main menu. Those are only for the original amnesia game so you wont find any custom stories there. When you have saved a game, click on custom stories again, then the story you just saved and then on "Load game".

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