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May 9 2013 Anchor


I'm writing to you because ModDB is full of talented developers and gamers, and a great indie circle. My indie dev team Heavy Ion Studios is working on its first indie game called Base 211: Tears of the Children. I'm the lead writer/designer for the project. I have taken upon myself to write the prequel story to the game entitled, Base 211: Sins of the Angels.

My project is up on Kickstarter, as I am trying to raise the necessary funds to hire a professional editor and proofreader. This is my first novel and it will be self-published. I love writing and I have always wanted to write a novel. With your help and support this dream can come true. I truly appreciate your help and support. Without you none of this is possible. Please see the project page for information. Thank you!

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May 10 2013 Anchor

why on earth do you need cash for a proof reader ?
seriously ask people to have a read of your story but say you have 1 spot.. and select from those that reply.. if any.
This will save you some cash that you can put into printing your story or adding artworks should you get kickstarter fundings.
Project page... hmm guess i have to click your profile...hidden.
Okay ill search your company... ah i see a company and no game or mod.. whats this news okay ill follow it.
some interesting figures your company is aiming to achieve for its funding.. somewhat large can you give us all any reasons behind this ?
Hm interesting I finally follow your link for kickstarter.. and I get a summary of story, however I am not convinced your project
has enough originality to it , Dean koontz has covered very simmilar story line and a few others as well.
You will be competing at the worst possible timing to do so(if the games finished).. as wolfienstein 2 is due out soon.. with quality that looks hard to beat.
Despite all this I wish you the best of luck in attaining your dreams be it in an ebook , a finished game or your video trailer which looked nice.


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May 10 2013 Anchor

thank you

May 14 2013 Anchor

I would be willing to proofread it and offer feedback for free if you are interested. I just graduated college with a BFA in Cinematic Arts and Creative Writing minor.

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Jun 4 2013 Anchor

This looks very nice and interesting, I'll check it out when i get home from work!


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Jun 13 2013 Anchor

I will gladly proofread and edit anything you do!

I have been told for years that I am a great writer, and my friends often come to me with short stories and/or schoolwork they want proofread and/or edited. I can catch most (if not all) mistakes, and would enjoy to read it at least.

No need for pay, just a "thank you" if I do a good job!

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