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May 8 2020 Anchor

Just a concept I had a while ago, the game would be about a secondary Aperture facility that was used to execute prisoners. Before the PTI came along the government contracted a secondary Aperture facility to be built somewhere in the arctic. This gave Aperture substantial funding and allowed them to test their technologies without the fear of legal repercussion.You'd play as a prisoner that was framed for murder and you'd be forced to navigate location beta, test chambers that are especially dangerous. Towards the end of the mod the facility is sabotaged by hackers and you'd have to escape the facility's security in order to escape and tell people about this place. At the end you do escape and blow the whistle. This causes Aperture to lose a great deal of funding, forcing it to begin the PTI program and bringing about the end of human testing.

Note: This would all occur years prior to the Black Mesa Incident and the activation of GlaDOS, so the facility would be monitored by humans using computers.

Note2: To prevent the executioners as they are called from being seen by the subjects, there is no observation rooms, just cameras.

Addendum: Special thanks to the movie "Cube Zero" for inspiring the idea of this mod concept. I couldn't make this on my own due to lack of skill, maybe someone who's good at modding would give it a go, so I post this here.

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