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Dec 17 2013 Anchor

Hey, Everyone

My name is Benjy Bates and I have been spriting for the past year. I now feel confident enough to develop for any game you require pixel art in.
Here are some of my examples NOTE: I am not trained in art, whatever techniques you see in my photos were techniques I have taught myself over the year. (So with a pencil and paper... I'm a bit bad)

If images seem a bit squashed, open them in a new tab.

Work in progress

These are some of the things I have created in my time becoming a pixel artist

I am looking for experience in working on a game, being part of a team etc. As well as exposure i would like to learn things like code or unity too in return if that's cool...

If you're interested or want to ask any questions message me here. or email me at

Thank you,

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ambershee Nimbusfish Rawks
Dec 18 2013 Anchor

How's your sprite animation ;)?

Dec 18 2013 Anchor

I love your style and I have a project you'd be perfect for. I have a friendly team that are in desperate need of a sprite artist so you'd be warmly welcomed aboard- once we release our new title, it could be quite profitable which is always a plus. I could also try to teach you some programming however I'm not sure how good I am at teaching.
As for exposure, we'll list you on our website as well as link to a resume or portfolio on top of credit in the game, etc. and we'll put in a good word for your work.
How does that sound?

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