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Feb 14 2013 Anchor


We are two independent game designers from the video game industry. We worked on several released titles in the past. Our latest independent production, “Spectrum”, is available here:

We are currently planning on creating our own video game development studio. Before doing so, we want to release a new game to iOS and PC.

This project is a musical color-and-sound-driven game, simple and fun (see “Concept” section further down for more details). We have been able to proofread the concept through the creation of a functional prototype, and we are now looking for a programmer to take part in the production phase for the game.

The development tools (Unity, Flash, …) will be discussed together according to the future programmer’s abilities and preferences along with the technical requirements for the project.

Our goal is to release the finished game to iOS and PC and share the profits.

In order to discuss this partnership opportunity, feel free to contact us at :


Concept :

The core concept of the game is quite simple: player controls a small ball moving between several tracks to avoid incoming obstacles. The goal is to destroy “sound comets” crossing the screen with pulses generated by the ball and triggered by the player.

The key element of the game is playing a musical sound for each action triggered by the player (switching track, destructing comets, increasing score, …). These sounds add up to a background music track becoming more complex and lush throughout the game.

Each game showcases a different musical genre (electro, funk, …) as part of the reward and motivation cycle. Sound design and music composition thus find themselves at the heart of the game conception.

Prototyping the game allowed us to make sure the sensations and satisfaction delivered by the gameplay lived up to our expectations.

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Feb 21 2013 Anchor

This sounds great :).

I would be interested in helping out with this, however i think we would need to discuss further about details, such as experience i have with games and these platforms, etc.

If you would still prefer me to contact you via the email provided in the message, then i will do that :)



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This seems to be an interesting read: This also shows the a programmer requires more skill than is required for a coder, so a programmer would therefore be a more valuable asset to a team compared to a coder."

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