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Nov 16 2013 Anchor

Hey everyone,

We are currently looking for a programmer who can help us finish a module for the game Mount&Blade: Warband. The mod name is "The Duel Mod"; it already has a thread on ModDB, you can find it here: The person for this job will need experience with the Warband Module System. At least the following tasks have to be successfully performed:

- Door Teleport (teleport players from an entrance to an exit door)
- Gate Controlls (modify the way gates are opened and closed, without bugging out)
- Add Items (add custom 3D models, banners, etc to the game)
- Customize Admin Tools (create custom admin tools which can be used for the mod)
- Connect Databases (connect the server with databases where player progress can be saved)

Our programmer will be paid at least 100€ after the mod has been released. The 100€ are appropriate for the tasks listed above. If more work is being done, there is a good chance the amount of money will be increased. Further payments will be made if the programmer stais with us and helps us improve the mod after the release. We can assure that we will pay, and to be certain of that we can say that: We announce publicly that we will pay you as a programmer. Refusing to pay will mean that we are officially unallowed to use the codes that have been made until we pay. Refusing to pay will also mean that we make a bad name for ourselves, after announcing that we would pay.

We will pay AFTER THE RELEASE. The reasons for that are simple: We want to be certain that all the work has been completed, and that we haven't hired a liar. We also want to be certain that all the tasks have been performed the way we need it to be. T

he progress we have made with this mod is large, we have a lot of 3D models, banners, graphics, ideas and music developed already. That assures that we are serious and very likely to publish the mod, and not quit it.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask. Our team so far does have a 3D modeller, a general developer, and a server host. Basically all we are missing is a programmer!

Thank you for your interest,

iQew Unity Dev
Nov 21 2013 Anchor

I don't think that this black and white method of paying the programmer before or after the project is a good idea. Why don't you meet in the middle and say that when the first 2 tasks are completed and working fine, you'll pay 40€, for the next 2 tasks you'll pay another 40€ and for the last task you'll add the last 20€ + possibilities for new tasks. It doesn't have to be like this exactly, but you should also give the programmer some kind of safety so that he doesn't waste his time (and money). Only telling that you don't want to ruin your 'name' (do you have a name in the scene yet?) isn't enough in my eyes.

I can see that you're serious about this and that you only want to have some kind of safety, but you'll have to invest some kind of trust, aswell.

Best wishes

Nov 22 2013 Anchor

Thanks for your advice. I have had this method before, but if we FINALLY have the luck of getting someone who can do coding, and I pay him halfway through, whatever amount, he might stop working with us (happened to me before). And switching programmer is one hell of a task which I am not up for these days. So I take safety precautions and say: After everything is completed, you get your money. That's how it works in real life too, you don't get paid halfway through your workday, you get paid after.

ambershee Nimbusfish Rawks
Nov 22 2013 Anchor

Yldrania wrote: That's how it works in real life too, you don't get paid halfway through your workday, you get paid after.

I'm afraid that's not how it works. If I work for a year on a project, I get paid either every week or every month, I don't get one lump salary at the end. If I do a one week contract with a new client, I take half up front, and half on completion - this is the fairest way of distributing the risk between the worker and the employer.

Nov 22 2013 Anchor

Finding someone you can trust, you can do that. I had to bury previous projects, or watch projects I was part of being buried, multiple times because people quit beforehand, and what I am looking for is someone who doesn't care about money on the first hand. I need someone who is dedicated to what he does, and enjoys the bit of extra payment I offer, because on most Warband mods, the devs join because they want to join, not because they get paid. Generall in the game development world this might be different, but on this game I know very well how things work, and what I need. And someone focused on money is definetely not in the range of that. Someone who wants to expand their portfolio with this, and stays with us for updates and stuff, whether paid or not, thats the kind of person we need. I know this is hard to find, and that's why I offer money which is, like my post on the Taleworlds Forums (official Warband forums) show, quite a lot of for a mod on this game.

Nevertheless, I appreciate your concerns and advice. Thank you :)

Nov 26 2013 Anchor

It's probably because you are paying a fee that is massively under scale.

If you want someone in it for the passion then the small payment is actually confusing. You want someone who is passionate to do it for free yet you are paying. You muddle your message. It might be better to just forget a out any form of payment.

Nov 26 2013 Anchor

Well, if I find someone who would do the coding for me, payment or not, I'd be very happy. And I didnt create this topic to talk about what payment would be rightful for a coder. This is simply a topic of me looking for someone, these are my conditions, that is my offer, and if you personally don't like it just ignore it and move on. I believe I've seen a thread where you can talk about what wages are correct for a programmer, if you so desire. Thank you :)

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