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Oct 31 2020 Anchor

Company Description

We're a small indie studio that has been working on a monster taming RPG for the last seven years. We're looking for extra freelance (wo)manpower to polish and finish the storyline of the game. We have roughly 6 months left until release. If things go well on this project, we'd like to continue collaborating with you on future projects.

Game Description

We're working on a high-quality monster taming RPG with 50+ hours of single-player gameplay. Our beta is already closing in towards 1 million unique players. More info will be given after selection.

Job Description

Up until now we've come up with our own world, storyline and NPCs which were received well. Our players really appreciate the immersiveness of the world we've created.
We'd like to continue this process with you. We want to brainstorm and collaborate closely on the storylines we still need to implement, and to go over the existing story lines to see whether we can improve them together.

During development we'd love to hear your ideas for plot lines, story arcs, puzzles, quests... Anything really to create the best possible game! You will help us working out the narratives we decide on together, which we will then implement in the game.

Does this sound interesting? Leave us a message and we can talk!

Nov 27 2020 Anchor

Are you still looking for a narrative designer?

Dec 13 2020 Anchor

Hi there, monstertamer42.

I was wondering whether your project was still being worked on? If so, I'm interested in working with you, as a writer and more possibly.

If you'd like to get back to me, leave me a message on this forum or in my account. Thanks --


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