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Dec 15 2012 Anchor

Graphic artist needed for a 2D real-time strategy game for Windows, Linux and Mac.

The game is a bit like Dune 2000, it's a tank battle in a desert environment. You can find out more about the game by clicking Battle of the Sands on my website, The programming aspect of the game is already completed so there is no chance of failure of the project. This is my second game. My first one was Knights of the Chalice.

I'm looking for someone to draw desert and mountain graphics in pure top-down view. Artist pay to be negotiated. There will be a contract and the artist will be paid a part of the total price before beginning work and the other part when the work is completed. Payment will be made using PayPal. The artist's name will be mentioned in the game's credits.

Guidelines and technical details:
* Png format - though the game will use jpg format to reduce the file size.
* I'm looking for desert and mountain graphics in pure top-down view.
* A few maps could use snowy or grassy graphics, but they don't have to.
* Most maps can re-use elements from other maps but they should all look natural.
* All maps will follow a provided template. On the template, dark regions are supposed to be mountains and hills, brown regions are supposed to be buildable land, and light squares are supposed to be sandy desert areas.
* Depending on artist price and skill, tanks (32*32 images) and buildings may also be redrawn. And for another game, I may ask you to colorise and retouch 14 fantasy-character sketches.
* Time to complete to be determined. Ideally no more than three months for the backgrounds.
* Picture sizes will range from 960*736 to 4000*4000. There will be 14 pictures: 4000*1984, 2976*640, 1856*1376, 2592*2592, 1984*992, 1984*1984, 1984*1984, 2624*2592, 1984*4000, 4000*4000, 960*736, 1984*1984, 1984*992, 1760*1472.

Please include a link to your previous works.
Thanks for reading my ad.

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