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Jul 26 2017 Anchor

How do you use cheats for the Game Outlaws I know every site online say's you just type in the cheat code while playing Like OLPAINLESS

However that doesn't work at all in game, I remember long ago my brother had to do something to the game to enable the Cheats to be entered and what ever it was once done then it worked fine, but I don't remember. Also I am not playing the GOG version maybe they fixed the cheating part I am playing the original CD Version that I still own.

Anyway whenever I press OL or try to enter a code on my game nothing happens, Does anyone know how to fix the game to work other than saying just enter the codes in game because that doesn't work..

actually it does work I just was doing it wrong, sorry I Hadn't played the game for years..

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Jul 31 2017 Anchor

Worked for me in the gog version and the original.Didn't do anything special tho.Hope someone can be of help.Good luck to you! :0


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Sep 22 2017 Anchor

Thanks for sharing. Best of luck.

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