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Jul 11 2019 Anchor

Hi, im Phil

im a 2d/3d artist in the game industry since 10years+

With a dev friend we wanna try to create our own studio to do some fancy little games.

Then after 2 fails on protoypes going too far and taking too much time, we finally suceed to finish one project : Rogue and Bones the pirate's life.

it took 4/5 months to finish the game and we just released it on GooglePlay.

Its the first time we do the marketing stuff all by ourself, and its the hardest part i must say :D we will try to not let it sink in the limbo of the store.

its a turn based Rogue lite in a pirate world. we were inspired by darkest dungeon for the game mechanics and by Monkey island for the theme :D

here are some concept i did for the game :

concept1 Sirene fantome boss



We would love some feedback on how to improve the game.

Thank you !


Jul 17 2019 Anchor

Love the art style!

Jul 17 2019 Anchor

It's looking quite good actually, well done!. Wish you luck with your game.

Jul 17 2019 Anchor

thank you :D

we are looking for an ad network to acquire some more players. Any advices on that ?

i heard about facebook ads being the best

Jul 18 2019 Anchor

I haven't really used an ad network(don't really believe that they are worth the money when you are small, but if you have the means why not right? ), but as far as I know, yes fb ads could be great, since as far as I remember you can specify people who like a certain page or some specific stuff like that

Jul 18 2019 Anchor

Ok good to know :)

i will just put a small amount to test (50€) to see if it drive some downloads or not.

i will tell you when its done


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