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Jul 5 2013 Anchor

I was always a big fan of competitive multiplayer FPS like Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament 2004 really was the best competitive multiplayer experience I enjoy and I thought to myself now today in 2013, why not make a mod like that using the source engine?

I have no experience in programming, level design, modeling, etc. But I do have self-taught experience in game design so here are my ideas...

- A large cast of playable characters complete with their own personalities, jokes, taunts, etc. (adds to the social aspect)
- A huge arsenal of futuristic weapons from railguns to rocket launchers.
- Driveable vehicles ranging from tanks to aerial crafts.
- Mutliple modes of gameplay ranging from classic Deathmatch to Objective based assault.
- Plus lots more to come!

I know this is a big ambitious project but I wanted to put this out there and see if anyone was interested in helping me with this project.

Jul 5 2013 Anchor

Ambitious doesn't even begin to describe that, especially for your first project ever. You can't just throw out every idea that pops into your head; you have to design around what you and your team can do. Unfortunately, with your skill level, the odds of you getting a capable team are next to zero. I highly recommend starting smaller. If you MUST work on this, create a fully-fleshed out GDD, and post that. Ideas are a dime a dozen, and you need to give programmers/artists a reason to join your project as opposed to working on their massive ideas.

Good luck in what every you end up doing, though. :)

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Jul 6 2013 Anchor

You said a mod...which is possible I guess, just choose an engine. As a new game I don't think is doable. Also I'm intrigued about 'self-taught experience in game design', what does that involve?

Jul 6 2013 Anchor

Why not make a mod like that using the quake engine... or an unreal engine? Why not pick up a skill that's useful, like programming? Why pose it as 'looking for help' when it's more akin to 'do this for me?'

But of these enough hurtful and truthful comments. I'm not a complete bastard. I'd gladly have you entertain me with what you call self-taught game design skills.

Waap, waap, waap.

Jul 21 2013 Anchor

"But I do have self-taught experience in game design so here are my ideas... " What games have you designed and produced?

"I have no experience in programming, level design, modeling" These are game design skills

Proposing large arsenals and collections of content isn't game design. It's also extremely pointless information and not really very relevant to the early stages of a design were you haven't any content at all.

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