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Dec 26 2012 Anchor

he guys,

I am pretty new to 3d studio but I am looking for a mod group to possibly start making some models for. I am not that good yet but I can make most basic models so if you are looking for someone to help out with a project to make some of the small or basic objects let me know.

Here are a few screenshots of the game models I have been working on for practice.

Anyways if you need help let me know and I would love to get some experience, worse comes to worse if the models are not up to the quality of your mod and you dont choose to use them I still got some experience out of it.


Jan 25 2013 Anchor

hey there, I may have use for you. prop modeling is an easy but long task and take's modeling time away from bigger more complex projects, I'm sure with some practice you would be able to handle more challenging tasks. My Steam username is THE SCREAMING COMMUNIST


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Feb 11 2013 Anchor

We are developing MekArcade, a class based mek shooter built with Red Eclipse. We had 3 modellers in the team in 2012, but now there is 1, me. So we are desperate to find eager people of any level of experience. You can visit the games moddb site which has some old pics and a vid, or the RE forums where we hang around If you are interested email or PM me, a bit of background regarding your skills would be useful.

Nightshade Technical Artist
Feb 11 2013 Anchor

You should learn how to bake ambient occlusion and how to do normal maps. That would be the next logical step for your learning.
Also your textures are very "flat" (meaning they are low on shadows and highlights) so take a look at adjustment layers in Photoshop: especially levels, curves and hue/saturation.

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