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Sep 11 2018 Anchor

Hey All!

It’s Vanessa, I wanted to share a little bit about how Super Combat Fighter is poised to carve out its own name in the PvP landscape.

Super Combat Fighter features interactive, dynamic stages like you’d find in the classic WWF Wrestlemania games and in Mortal Kombat – except taken to a whole new level. Older games let you knock your opponent off ledges and into traps, but Super Combat Fighter allows players to move to different parts of the arena itself for different finishers! You’ll also encounter items in some stages that might give you the edge against your friend/foe, such as the ring wrestler’s favorite companion, the folding chair.

Super Combat Fighter also features a Giant Mode, where you can take your favorite character’s martial prowess to mythic proportions. Literally, too! In this mode, a special powerup will occasionally appear in the arena. The first player to strike and break this orb will grow to the size of a skyscraper, where they gain access to new screen-filling attacks. The loser of this trade will have to make do with dodging their opponent’s colossal punches until they get their own hands on a powerup orb. Then the both of you can truly slug it out above the clouds.

Any questions about Super Combat Fighter? Post them down below or join the Discord:

Back Super Combat Fighter on Kickstarter here:

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