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Oct 21 2013 Anchor


I'm new here, I'm actually new to posting on any forum, I'd like to get to know a few of you. I enjoy modeling and texturing both environments and characters. Not only that, but I'm a concept artist. I'm interested in building up a portfolio, and meeting others interested in doing what I like doing so I would be glad to work on any project for free (pay is always a plus though ;) ).

Oct 28 2013 Anchor


Nov 1 2013 Anchor

Any examples of your work?


Eruption Entertainnment is a game and software developer/publisher

Nov 2 2013 Anchor

PM me your email address

Nov 2 2013 Anchor

pm me we need art and models

Dec 1 2013 Anchor

I am in need of a modeler to create 3 to 5 more Titan like units & one race unit for my Warhammer 40,000: Epic legions. This is for version 3.0 & perhaps the final. The mod itself, ver 2.0, has become successful around the world. I could pay by donations if i have to but the modeler would get top recognition & add a quality brand named mod to their portfolio! PM me...Thank you


40,000 hamburgers to go please!

Jan 12 2014 Anchor


I was wondering if you might be interested to work as a Freelancer for my company That would mean that we list you on our profile as a Freelancer and members of the company will contact you about their projects, and offer you work and possibly payment. If you are interested, please pass me a PM with eventual questions or responses.

Thank you :)

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