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Templarfreak SC enthusiast of Moddb.
May 9 2014 Anchor

First off, I'm going to show you guys a few videos explaining it.
The current FCC standing on "Net Neutrality" which will likely change any time soon.

That starts getting the point across, I hope.

There is a huge problem with the decision of the FCC on Net Neutrality. These videos do help explain it quite well.

But I'll ask you this, do you think it does not effect you? It can. It can definitely effect me. Moddb, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Netflix, Google (And YouTube), other websites like, Steam, The Hive Workshop, online TV Show/Movie websites like Hulu, Animefreak.TV, Viooz, and using P2P services like Torrents, or P2P online gaming such as Hamachi, will ALL be effected by this ruling.

There's even more then just this. I hope some people can take action after reading this. I also hope I can get some kind of discussion started here. (Sorry if this is the wrong Forum, I didn't see anything that this would fit under)

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