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Jun 11 2013 Anchor

Hi friends

i build a few models and enter them to game
but i have a big prob and thats texturing

my models havent texture
i need your help about this prob
how create texture for models??
plz give me a good tutorial plz

and about animation

one of my models is AA truck with missile system
wheels anim are ok
its my plan

truck deploy at place and after deploy lancher come up and start rotating
and when any Air unit come near
lancher lock at target and missile shooted
like us patriot missiles
also i look it but cant know any think

now need your help about lancher system and missile system animation
what need to do
plz explain a good tutorial plz
ty for read post

anyone help?

Jun 14 2013 Anchor

Well, there's no tutorial about creating textures. You have to practise, a lot. Basically, this is all about training and increasing your 2D graphics skills.Also, you didn't tell, which application would you like to use. Probably, the best choice is Adobe Photoshop - it's not as simple as GIMP, for example, but when you get it - creating graphics will be a pleasure. Trust me.Now - the textures. As I said, there's no tutorial about textures, generally. You can find some articles about creating your own patterns and using filters, but the best way to make a texture is editing a photo. In brief - you load your image to Photoshop, or any other tool, edit it (adjust it, add some colors, blah, blah blah - all depends on project type - here, you just have to feel it) and, if you want, make it tiling. It works for all wall, ground, floor etc. graphics.More complex textures - like clothes (or any other thing with "built in" shadows and lights) need more work - here I'm not able to tell you, what to do. There are many ways to achieve your goals. Try to experiment, learn about functions and tricks in your graphic software and, again, practise.The truth is, it's like a... Riding a bicycle - when you once get it, you'll be able to do whatever you want. Know your software and after a while, it won't be matter, what kind of project you're working with (texture, wallpaper, poster etc.).

And the most importang part - have fun with it! It's all about enjoying your work (then, it's easier to learn anything).

By the way, sorry for any language gaffes, it there were any. I'm in a rush, so I'm writing faster than thinking. At least, I hope I've helped.

Jun 14 2013 Anchor

tank you for answer
but i havent problem on graphick
i need a tutorial for
how make a texture for my model on 3dsmax
or how make texture files?
which software can open and make texture(dds i think) format

i work with 3dsmax

and modeling ended but need texture
texture files are .dds

how make a texture for my model on 3dsmax??
plz help me
i have a few models and them only need texture
i want know how make texture for them and export texture to dds.file


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Jul 5 2013 Anchor

Have you UV mapped your model yet?

Jul 5 2013 Anchor

Look for a UV mapping tutorial.

mikejkelley Dream Caster
Jul 7 2013 Anchor

There's plenty of texturing and texture creation tutorials. Search youtube, alternately, I highly recommend though there's a subscription fee, it's well worth it.

As for the truck animation, it will probably need to be done in code. You'll have the truck and missile battery modeled as separate pieces and then use a "look at" type script to orient the missile battery at the plane and then a "go to" script for the missile. In Unity using playmaker it's trivial.


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Feb 5 2014 Anchor

Firstly all this is a Plain guess as you need to be much more specific when your talking about this stuff.
3DS max is able to export to MANY Thousand game formats .. so that's like saying your transport has wheels .. its gives us no clue as to whether it is a car a bike a bus or even a jumbo jet.
DDS editing Software is available (although I personally use photoshop for DDS files) freeware options include but are not limited to GIMP
Another method would be to use a converter software to change your texture to the correct format.

Once you have the correct format YOU WILL NEED TO KNOW WHICH GAME YOUR MODDING /ENGINE your using .. example

SAGE engine would require you to select the GAME Shader by applying a Direct X material to your model then selecting your Shader in the SDK directory
then in the shader menu you set the DDS Texture.. (ie you don't "drag the material and drop it onto the model" )

Another Example UDK 3 : easy to export un textured model then import the .dds to the engine and make a material (in UDK) that references the .dds into the diffuse slot. (then apply the material onto the model)


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