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Sep 6 2012 Anchor

Hey, I just recently started working on a nonprofit project for amnesia building a map which involves a new unique character I haven't seen anyone develop yet. The character is jeff the killer. I would develop this character myself, but I'm on a schedule. Around the beginning of next year, I'm guna be preparing for a deployment to Afganistan, which I'll be gone for a year. So, I'm hoping to complete the custom story before then and release it for the community to enjoy! :D

I'm wondering if there's someone out there who may be able to spare the time to have this done and ready real quick. Look up some google pictures of jeff if you're not sure who he is. The design, I'm thinking for simple speed of creation, would entail simple body modeling, a hoodie sweatshirt or something (not over head unless you think that may be better and creepier ;D), dark pants (or something), and shaggy hair like on the pictures. The only trouble would be in the facial feature sculpting. More detail should be put into the face more than anything, since that's the famous feature of the character. Also typical animation similar to that of amnesia's (walk, im not sure if jog would be fair to the player... in fact, just the character walking toward the player would be pretty fkin scary XD but it'd be good if that was added, hit/kick door, slash at player 1, 2, and 3).

This is totally a voluntary thing; nonprofit project. I'm currently making progress of the story and plan to work on it until I'm about to leave, and make it a good custom story. I'm already making amazing progress with the story and scripting. This jeff model isn't necessary for the custom story to be completed, but I just had the idea and it would fit perfectly with the story itself. Survive and escape this place. So if nobody steps foward with the initiative I'm hoping for, that's ok and I hope people find the story entertaining anyways :D

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