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Need help with Milkshape 3D 1.8.4 modelling for Half-Life 1! (Forums : 3D Modeling & Animating : Need help with Milkshape 3D 1.8.4 modelling for Half-Life 1!) Locked
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GamingEVOlut1on I'm a HL1/2 modder.
Dec 22 2012 Anchor

im making a half-life mod, and i edited the MP5 model to have a Silencer on it :D but when i compile it it either messes up or theres nothing new heres what i do.

1. go into the Half-Life.Gcf file and extract "v_9mmar and w_9mmar, p_9mmar."

2. Open Jed HLMV 1.3.6 and decompile the viewmodel

3. Open the model reference .smd file left behind by decompiling (mp5sd.smd)

4. put a cylender in a little shorter than the barrel.

5. rotate the cylender on the barrel and apply the (HK_chrome) texture

6. Save as (v_9mmar.ms3d)

7. Do Generate QC file

8. edit the line studio "./reference" to studio "./mp5sd"

9. Save QC

10. Go into Milkshape again and do "Compile QC File"

11. I open my new model and its either some mp5 model with no sequences or weapon origin or theres no silencer at all.

Please help me, i really want my MP5 for my half-life mod to have a silencer, feel free to reply



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