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Jan 30 2018 Anchor

Hello everyone,

My name is Mike and I run in Principle Games, a small indie studio based in Southern Alberta, Canada.

I'm working on deciding what to work on next, so I'm prototyping. I've recently made this prototype of a funny FPS where you get to defuse bombs in a grocery store. I'm looking for feedback as to whether you think this game's development is worth pursuing or whether it's a bad idea and I should let it go.

Is anybody here willing to help me determine this by either playing the prototype, or pointing me in the right direction as to where I can find people willing to playtest indie games in development?


Thanks so much for your time and attention.

- Mike

Feb 21 2018 Anchor

I like it. I think it's fun. My 2 cents: If you made the "look" of the game less playful (choice of fonts and colors) it might end up being even funnier.

Jul 9 2018 Anchor


Ive just tried it.

IMHO movement speed is a bit too high. Its hard to navigate with such movement speed. Next thing is a "bottle tripping" -> its so easy to find it when it starts tripping, that its nearly gamebreaking.

Jul 9 2018 Anchor

I have tried it and it is definitively worth pursuing and expand upon that idea, pretty funny.
In my opinion, the aesthetics of the game are pretty cool, I would have used a camera movement to show the tutorial things rather than static images, it would have been more smooth.

As TommyW84 pointed out, the movement may feel too high at first, I actually do not mind it (considering the time limit), rather than decreasing the movement speed, I would give two states (walking/running), this way if you have to reach a certain location, you run there but to approach the item you are looking for, you simply walk.
Also, I think it is quite essential to give more setting options, even in a prototype, as mouse sensibility is an important thing to be able to edit in-game.

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