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May 1 2017 Anchor

Hello everyone

I need help with getting a name for my game company, it is really hard to make up one.
My company right now is working on a really big horror project, so the name should sound serious, we are all professionals, above the indie level.
We are not going to develop ONLY horror games, a future project of ours is a first person shooter game, set in present days.
The horror game is also first person, high quallity graphics (For graphics reference: Outlast 2).
I really need some help with getting a name, the name is the selling point to a company, so it should be a good one.

Best Regards,

May 2 2017 Anchor

I'm just going to pick bits and pieces from your post and tweak them ever so slightly;
Present Day Designs
Super Serious Games
Point A
One Step up
Really Big Ideas
Future Projects
Top Shelf Ideas

Anyway, hope those help

May 3 2017 Anchor

Thanks man, you kinda helped me.

May 3 2017 Anchor

Its kinda what I do :P. At least I hope I got the ball rolling for you. Why not describe the things your company does or the things your team plan to achieve?

May 3 2017 Anchor

Well we are aiming for AAA quality of games, due to the fact that i have been in AAA and i know how things work. So the game we are developing right now is a horror game and that is our main genre, but we have a future project that is a first person shooter. We are all confident we will succeed, we are all professionals. I really liked those names like Activision, Infinity Ward or Treyarch. They say really much about the company.

By the way this profile isnt mine, so thats why i wrote back a little late

May 13 2017 Anchor

"something with interactive on the end"
Infinite Wad
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