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Jun 10 2014 Anchor

hey, my name is Adam and im a 3d modeler and a level designer. At the moment I'm making a mmorpg with a friend and we need people to join our team (Especially 3D modelers and someone who is good at making terrain in unity 3D)

This game is not a copy of wow but it will contain some wow features which are improved.
This game is going to be like no other mmorpg its going to be played like Skyrim or Darksouls and the skills and magic is going to be at the bottom of the screen and your going to have to use numbers to use them.
Also this game is going to greatly focus on pvp

right now we are making the starting area of humans and then were going to move on to the rest of the map bit by bit

we also need programmers to work on the game mechanics and 2D artists to make textures

if your interested in joining contact me via this website or add me on skype: adam.chaggama
please don't start commenting that I'm trying to copy wow because I'm not... thanks

Jun 10 2014 Anchor

Man calm down nobody will accuse you that you copy WOW from the time you have only given a few information and no Images or Videos. It would be great if you could point out some aspects of your game that differ from other MMORPGs.

Jun 10 2014 Anchor

its a medieval fantasy
the its in the 3rd person
fighting is skyrim like

if your intrested i got a document add me on skype and i will send it to you

and im not going to lie i got nothing much to show me and my mate started on thiss yesterday

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