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Sep 11 2018 Anchor

Hello everyone.

I'm Alexander a game designer, and I am putting together a team for a project. All I will say, is Pirates, trading and sea battles. Think Sid Meier's Pirates.
I have a written out Game design document so its something I have been putting some thought into to make sure the game makes sense and will work before any production is started.

I know a common question is money. Well, at this very point, I can only offer a cut of earnings from the sales. However, early in development, investment money and crowd funding money is planned and will be given to team members (Contracts will be sorted at that time of course)
So with that said, below are the team members I'll need.

- UE4 Blueprint/Coders

- 3D Modellers (Characters and Props)

- Sound designers/Music

- 2D UI Art and concepts

If you fit any of the above roles, let me know! My discord is below. We can have a good chat about things and hopefully get some of you on-board.
When you add me, let me know what you do, and show me your works!

Discord : Beckstation#2798

Thank you all!
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melsh Painstakingly human
Sep 11 2018 Anchor


Do you require assistance on writing? If so, see more on me here and play a twine (NSFW) here. I can show more by request via email. Thank you for your time.

Sep 11 2018 Anchor

Thanks for commenting.

Just read and stick to the post I have made. Asking for people as listed above, not anyone else. Best of luck in finding more projects to work on!

Sep 11 2018 Anchor

Hi Alexander, im interested in joining your team as a composer. I just added you on Discord if you want to talk there!


Gunner Basinger

Sep 12 2018 Anchor

Awesome, thanks. Haven't received any new adds just yet, be sure to message when you add me.

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