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Sep 24 2012 Anchor

I'm writing this thread because I wanted to do a mod for C&C 3 Tiberium War, but I don't know how. I used to mod Tiberium Sun ages ago, but I forgot how. Any help would be appreciated. Also I'd like to know how to create my own graphics and units models because I want to make a new faction, not just a balance mod

Sep 26 2012 Anchor

groups and tutorials in groups :)

also checkout , , ,, also many mods have free source code to look at and read through... including my failed mod.
best of luck and may you actually release one in due time


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Sep 26 2012 Anchor

I'm new to modding games and want to make a mod for C&C3 T W which engine do you recommend?

Sep 26 2012 Anchor

If you're modding a game you'll need to use the existing games engine.

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