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Apr 18 2013 Anchor

3 days ago, I noticed that I had 4 missing mods in my modwatch list, this means that 4 mods I was tracking ceased development (one of them was Crazy Mod: Revived which was an accident xD), so this means that 3 mods ceased development in the same day, none of them uploaded any news informing their trackers, this means there is no way for me to know which mods ceased development.

My suggestion is that ModDB should automatically tell us when a mod ceases development, it would be like a normal update, but with some differences:

1 - Instead of the normal white/light grey background it would be red or black (To make it stand apart).
2 - It would always be on top of the list (e.g. If the last update was 10 hours ago and another mod had an update 1 hour ago the mod that ceased development would still be on top, also to make it stand apart).
3 - Beside the Game/Mod name there would be the "has ceased development and consequently been archived." message (Similar to the one inside the Game/Mod page).
4 - Under the name would be any update, media, articles, downloads added (Like it already happens with any normal update).

This is just an idea I had, incase the game/mod doesn't upload anything telling us that it ceased development, which would make it pass unnoticed, just like it happened to me with those 3 mods 3 days ago.

Another idea I had is that maybe there could be a list with all the mods that ceased development that we were tracking, just because it would allow us to know which mods ceased development prior to the addition of the suggestion above.

Seeing as this is a database, I think it would be cool for us to be able to access a list with the mods/games that ceased development (Maybe not all mods/games, but at least the ones that we were tracking)

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Apr 18 2013 Anchor

While it is a good idea, sometimes we remove mods/games for all the wrong reasons and unless specified we really do not want to get into politics on profiles being removed. Which is why this falls onto the developers shoulders and how open with their community they wish to be. Some will just say "fuck it" drop the mic and never walk away (while nuking their profiles at the same time) others will inform then close the profile down.

It is all just relative.


Apr 19 2013 Anchor

Well, if they were removed by the ModDB staff I suppose they broke ModDB's Terms of Use, if this is the case it could be updated to us a little differently than if the mod/game ceased development because the developer chose to:

1 - It could be the same thing or maybe just have a color change.
2 - It would still be always on top.
3 - Istead of the "ceased development" message it could be "has been removed for breaking ModDB's Terms of Use".
4 - Seeing as it was removed there would be no updates, so just forget this point.

You don't need to specify why it was deleted, just say it broke the Terms of Use.

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