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Dec 29 2008 Anchor

So the staff here at ModDB know everyone puts things to the side once in a while, that could be playing a game that has come out in previous years or even over the last gaming year that has now moved over to your pile of shame. Or maybe its a modding goal you want to set for yourself in the next year? We want to hear about it all! Again this will be for the next modcast that will appear in the new year so keep an ear to the ground for that!

My resolution is to get more amazing content onto ModDB and play the final express. Apparently its good :D.

Looking forward to your answers.


Dec 29 2008 Anchor

Make a public alpha in a few months. :D

Assuming all goes well..

Dec 29 2008 Anchor

I hope to play games less and mod more :)
Sometimes playing a new game or mod can become to distracting from doing work.

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Jan 1 2009 Anchor

Getting a working demo of our mod done, and/or trailer done by the end of summer. 8) (Winter 4 USA)

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Jan 1 2009 Anchor

I hope to be successful with my gaming industry internship over the summer and land a full-time job in the marketing department. Other than that, I want to contribute material to other mods so I can build up my portfolio and maybe even try and restart Project Masamune.


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