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Jan 7 2012 Anchor

As a belated Christmas present how about you make an app for developers which pushes notifications to mobile devices?
I think most indie developers work on video games in their spare time not all of them have access to a computer 24/7.

One of my main concerns is I find myself on a daily basis trawling through each and every image to see if there are any comments to reply to. On the site (even without an app) I am confused as to why there isn't a way of checking a developer overview page where new posts are reported.

Other possible features:
- Messages
- Friend requests
- Updates
- Sales

Any more suggestions...?

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Henley the sun never sets on the eternally cool
Jan 7 2012 Anchor

It is a great idea however we do not have anyone on staff who can build applications for something like that, if anyone reads this and wants to build the app for us let me know. As for the notifications for comments on media/news you post it is something we have looked into before not sure when we will get around to adding that functionality.


Apr 26 2012 Anchor

Android I know uses the Java Eclipse IDE as a base.

Aside from that, no idea.

Henley the sun never sets on the eternally cool
Apr 26 2012 Anchor

If the app is good enough we will allow access to the site information with no issues.


Jun 1 2012 This post has been deleted.
May 27 2013 Anchor

this is a great idea looking forward to hearing more :)

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