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Feb 17 2017 Anchor

EDIT: I just released this game on Steam Greenlight. Vote if you want it to happen.
New reddit for feedback:

It was a really great experience to use Gamemaker to create this game. I knew nothing about programming when I started creating it. It was hard, but in the end I mananged to create a decent project, and It looks amazing to me at this point.
Thank you all Gamemaker community for your help!!

Hi There!
Some months ago I published a demo of The Chromatic Supercomputer, now renamed. Since then I improved it in many ways, and the game is finished. Before I make It official I would like to see if you find any bugs in this demo. I hope you enjoy it! I will try to Greenlit it before Greenlight is gone.


In this game you write a program using blocks and circuit segments as code. It is like a visual way of assembly, but you need no programming background. You work with numbers and pixels. Puzzles are designed to be hard, they are open ended (which mean hundreds of solutions per level are possible), and you will need a great deal of creativity and logical thinking to solve them.

Feb 20 2017 Anchor

Seems cool. Voted!

Feb 22 2017 Anchor

Just released a new version with some bug fixes, text corrections and tooltips to make it for an easier progression. I hope you enjoy! :)

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