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Sep 28 2010 Anchor

hay im kinda new to the modding scene but i could use some helpful advice on the topic of this mod and maybe some concept art if anyones got the kindness any art will recieve full credit

and ive asked for permission waiting for reply

DraeHD ModDB's Local ManWhore
Sep 28 2010 Anchor

Its Sins Of The Solar Empire, amiright?
I think it would be rather cool aside from the fact that Mass Effect follows the same concept of Star Wars, so really it would be a SW mod, would it not?

Sep 29 2010 Anchor

kindof but with differing aspects such as mass relays and more focus on directed fire rather than the shoot in all directions that sw mods tend to have also sheilds would be interesting as armour stops short range weapons and shields stop long range high velocity weapons that would decimate a ship with no shields so short range attack ships attempt to bug bite a ship to death or fighter craft come in take a ships shields down and a cruiser or somthing blows the thing in half

rough copy of a human cruiser is done but cant get it to upload from xsi just keeps crashing :(

Oct 4 2010 Anchor

interesting but you would be knee deep researching what type of ships there are what class and so on and so forth but if anything i like to see make it out since im a huge fan of mass effect

Oct 5 2010 Anchor

yes however however after some reflection i dont believe i have the necessary concept material to make even two fully fleshed out races nor do i have the modelling skill at this time so ive moved my attention to making a 100% origanal mod sorry but hay maybe once mass effect 3 is released there will be the necassary source material to make one

Oct 6 2010 Anchor

i too hope so i am really keen on what happens mass effect three epecially how the races are now united XD

Oct 7 2010 Anchor

i would love to see a mod for mass effect but it look like it may be a long way off

Oct 8 2010 Anchor

Everyone is talking about creating a mass effect mod for sins but frankly i just want to play a mass effect mod for anything :D

Oct 8 2010 Anchor

i second that motion :P

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