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Jul 5 2014 Anchor

Hi I’m new to this site and also new to the whole indie game development world :)

I’m a programmer and I’ve been working on my first game for the last 6 months and it’s now almost done. But I would like to add it to this site and other sites as well but I still don’t have a trailer and I really would like to make one so that people can understand better what my game is about. I have no budget to hire someone so I’ll do it myself.

So yeah, any tips, post, tutorials or program to use that could help me know how to create a game trailer would be greatly appreciated. Merci :)

Jul 6 2014 Anchor

Oh look, we meet again. Who would have guessed? :lol:

My 2 favourite Video Editing softwares are Sony Vegas and Cyberlink PowerDirector. They are easy and smooth to use and a piece of cake to learn. A trailer for an Action Game (If I am not mistaken this is the genre of your game) should be:

-Epic (Include some of the best moments of your game where a lot of action happens and can attract someone)
-Fast-Paced (Scenes of gameplay should be changing every now and then so a lot of footage can be shown in a small amount of time)
-Simple but yet detailed (You should mention all the major game features with short titles that either appear on their own or they appear in combination with the gameplay. Just make sure not to include huge paragraphs)
-Short ( For an Indie game the trailer is preferred to be less than 1 minute, other videos that present the game can be more than that but this is for the main Trailer)
-Cinematic Music (I always prefer to use music that escalates, from calm with a little action to action packed with lots of things going on) (Just make sure not to use copyrighted music)

I don't think I have to really explain any technical details about how to use these softwares but if you have a certain problem or a random question feel free to contact me.

Jul 6 2014 Anchor

Love your support :)

And I'll be downloading the 2 softwares you mention and try to make something good out of it. :) For the music I think I'll go more with sound effects than music but really not sure yet, if I find a site where I can use their music for my game (and of course credit them at the end) then I'll add a music. And I think I'll go for a 35-45 seconds trailer since my game is a top down game and that I won't be able to get different angles to add some variety.

Really appreciate the help, Merci :D

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