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Jun 26 2013 Anchor

We are a company that looks for creative game developers that have bright ideas. This including individuals and teams and your ideas can be in the works or just a thought. Our company will help provide some of the resources to bring your ideas to life. We will also market your game and build a fan base. We will leave you with the full rights to your game. The company will only take a cut of 10%-30% of the profit.

If you are interested please email me at

Thank you for reading this and looking forward to working with you

Jun 26 2013 Anchor

Well if I were to use a service like this, I'm afraid I'd like some more information. What kind of resources are you talking about? Are you going to provide resources to anyone with an idea? How does this work? We just flash our ideas and you send resources along our way and then let us be?

It's very vague.

Jun 27 2013 Anchor

Knowing the actual name of the company would help too.

Jun 27 2013 Anchor

From the sound of things then, you have the programming muscle but want others to supply the concept, writing, music, 3D and other art?

Jun 27 2013 Anchor

And the email looks legit.

Jun 28 2013 Anchor

Yea, this seems like a bit too scammy. 0 links of past company projects. No company name. Do you at least have a contract that protects the ideas? Anyone can say that they'll let you keep the rights. Also, 10-30%? That seems a bit low for a company supplying nearly everything to get the game developed.

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