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May 11 2013 Anchor

Hi I'm looking for a Concept Artist to bring my characters to life I need a front and side concept of my characters and im not much of an artist myself so i need the concepts to model from. I have been working on a story for the past two years i have about 800 pages of story and 150 pages of descriptions of items, creatures, environment, etc. only in the past year have i started modelling i think im pretty good but my best work is when i use concept art. I need 5 concept of the main characters at least. Id love to get those done and the not so important i need 4 creature concepts, 3 city concepts and 3 weapon concepts.
I cannot pay you, so this is free work but All concept art drawn for my game will be credited to the owner in the credits. So its taken me so long to get going because of writing the story, teaching myself modeling and programming AI. I would love some help. So the theme is a post-apocalyptic but it has twists to it and creatures i used to have nightmares about that i brought to life. Anyway i dont like to get to into detail since ive spent so much time on this Idea. I look forward to hearing back from some talented artists if you are interested me message or email me how it will work is ill send you a very detailed description of the character i may send you some of my terrible concept art to reference or some pictures and besides the Protagonist I iam open to ideas.

Apparently im terrible at formulating a sentence i meant looking for a concept artist for my already long live project..

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