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Jan 16 2017 Anchor

Hello all,

Kind of new to the whole posting in forums thing here. I had a question of a few good resources (not listed on pixelprospector) in regards to game writing. Books would be the best, especially ones recommended by tried and true writers. I know how to Google XD, but I am not sure who recommends what and whose recommendations I should listen to.


Feb 8 2017 Anchor

Yea, I'm also looking into this.

Feb 23 2017 Anchor

Guys, have you found anything?

Mar 4 2017 Anchor

I would start with learning basic creative writing. If someone can write a killer screenplay, I imagine that it would translate to some good video game writing. If you like a workshop approach, you can't go wrong with The Screenwriter's Workbook by Syd Field. Then, join some writing communities!

Apr 29 2017 Anchor

Took quite a few coursed in creative writing in university, I just wanted more concrete tutorials directly related to game narratives.

I haven't really found anything and I don't really like a lot of online learning platforms (coursera, linda <sp?>, etc.)

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