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Lucífer Legna
Aug 12 2016 Anchor

So I'm making some progress on a map I'm making in the UDK and everything is dandy until I am hit with this:

The dark patches are the clouds of the skybox the whiteness is the issue, the map has been fine every other build and testing the map in the UDK does not present this issue, only when the map is loaded fully into the game.

I don't recall much (if any changes) were made to the dominant directional light properties or even if that's the issue here, I could really do with a solution.

Anyone? :)

P.S. This is what the sky should look like


Heh. Fixed it.

Must have accidentally enabled gamma correction in the World Info.

Thread can be closed.

Edited by: Lucífer

Aug 20 2016 Anchor

Skies at 1st picture looks like Rorschach test's pics :D So the map's color spectrum is fine, I like it!

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