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May 23 2013 Anchor

Hallo everybody,

Let's get to the chase, ever since I started playing video games, I've loved simulation and strategy games the most. Now, I plan on having my first serious game being based off of my favorite sub-genre of simulation, Life Simulation. Basically, the point of this thread is for you, the community, to give me ideas on what you want to see specifically in the game. I will most likely add most of what I see as long as I like it enough, however the plan to make this game is set in stone and I'm DETERMINED to do this.

Now, time to show off some features I have planned.

  • Detailed talent and genetic talent system

I plan to make it so when you spawn, you have a chance of gaining 1-6 talents from birth and 1-3 genetic talents from your parents. The list of talents currently stands at about 40, including programming, typing, various instruments, athleticism and thinking skills. These will be implemented into the game for various situations the character may be in and careers!

  • Player appearance, health, and other stats

There will be various stats regarding player appearance, health, strength, stamina, agility, intelligence, etc. All coming into gameplay during special events and careers.

  • Detailed career and exp system

Something that isn't quite finished and is subject to change, you can get a career based on certain talents you are aware of and go through multiple promotions to reach the top.

  • Housing and Family and Income Oh My!

I have only thought about this and not implemented it into the game whatsoever, but be certain it will come. Basically, you may purchase houses of different levels, have families, and set budgets based on your income.

  • Childhood to Adulthood to Childhood again...

I've had thoughts of going the Sims route and making it so that once your main character dies, you can play as your son and continue your family.

  • Plan on different country births, only USA for now however

The title says it all. I am implementing a system where your birth place is randomly generated somewhere is the USA, however I might add other countries later.

  • Text-based in GUI graphics

Mostly text interaction with game because I can't do art and to get an artist in this line of work, you need a respectable "portfolio", which I am trying to build with this

  • 100% Free of course

Of course I won't charge you for this game, are you crazy. I just want to share the love and show off what I can do. However, if you want higher quality material, you can always donate to my paypal once I do release a workable version

  • Endless FUN!

I hate linear games, so this will not be one of those. I want something that you guys can play 10 times and get different experiences. Randomization is one of my key features here.

If you have anything else you would like to see, or simply if you would enjoy to play this game. PLEASE tell me here on the forum or pm me. I appreciate all thoughts, ideas, and eventually feedback. Thank you for your time reading this and I hope to bring you an amazing product.


May 24 2013 Anchor

sure make it so that when some npc is killed more oftern they are talked about,
or perhaps the npc killed has-
a cousin that loved him/her and is now hunting you down.
a enemy that hated him and buys you a beer/cash reward.
a lover that now crys all the time because they miss the dead npc.
an effect on the town morale making them more flighty or watchful.

if the charector respawns , perhaps the npc will get -
weaker from prolonged attacks
less wealthy and drop less cash/items
fearful of the player and run at the first moment the npc see's the player.
fearful of the player and approch with a bribe to stay away from the npc.

anyways goodluck on your project.. nice ideas you have already


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Jun 18 2013 Anchor

Life is boring so the game will be boring ... :)

Jun 18 2013 Anchor

12doze12 wrote: Life is boring so the game will be boring ... :)


Jun 20 2013 Anchor

I think this is essentially just The Sims

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Jun 23 2013 Anchor

Sounds interesting....but I'm not a modder.


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Jun 23 2013 Anchor

12doze12 wrote: Life is boring so the game will be boring ... :)

Life ain't boring one bit.

But... for a TRUE life sim wouldn't you want the character to be playing a sim of the sim, because, in real life, the player would be playing a sim of themselves. 8)


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Jun 25 2013 Anchor

life simulators are for me rather god games like black&white. yet, just like in black&white, I have a feeling like it's mostly fun for the developer to create such a game, than for the player to play it. B&W also had kinda no real point, sure they added some over sized big animals that acted retarded which was funny and you had to fight other 'gods' an their animals, yet, what's the point? I've written a dozen of those simulators (not of that big scope, but you know, like 3 different living forms, different needs, stats etc.), it's fun to make, but I could never come up with any useful gameplay.
I also don't see a real 'game' here, it's for sure an awesome simulator once it's done and it has all real world possibilities, but it's like selling air. what is the gaming part of that clone of reality that would be so fun, that I'd actually not just stick to real world? oh, and take a look at ultima online, while it's old, it might have a big part of your wishlist already implemented :)

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