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Jul 5 2012 Anchor

i'm in need of level designers for an upcoming mmorpg if you are interested please click my profile you should see my Skype or pm me i get back to you thank you all have a wonderful day :)
Naruto Abunai

Requirments: (You must meet all requirements before trying to apply.)

Naruto Abunai reccommends that the worker must have at least 2 years of experience.

Naruto Abunai also reccommends that the worker must be willing to be online to work 20 hours a week. If your not eligible to do that, please don't contact are project.


Team Leader will Discuss Payment options

If you are interested in are project, please contact:
Preferable Skype: Najjuv

Here is some of are work to get you more filled in on where are project is currently at. All of this work was created by the owners and workers of Naruto Abunai. All rights reserverd.

Some Videos published by Naruto Abunai:

Naruto Abunai: It's a 3D MMORPG - YouTube

Naruto Abunai _ Shaders, World Editor, Animation, Character Controller - YouTube

Some pictures published by project:

User Posted ImageUser Posted Image

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Jul 6 2012 Anchor

Perhaps give some info on the game you'r planning so it might draw some attention. Having said that, MMORPGs are VERY hard to make, mainly due to the length of development but also the amount of money you'll need to get it going. Remember for an MMORPG you need a lot of money for server equipment and to be honest, most of the time it's not worth it. I would suggest adding a link to some concepts or anything you've made so far so people know how serious this is. Whether it's just artwork, a couple models, a design document would be great to show too since it shows you've planned how a lot of the game will work or at least what it might contain.

But hey, if i'm completely wrong about it and you've got a lot of this sorted out, then GL to you!

Jul 6 2012 Anchor

Can you give concepts, models, pictures? What type of mmorgp is it, what is it called, what is the goal?


Thank you, I fully understand what to do.

Jul 9 2012 Anchor

what engine ur using??

Jul 9 2012 Anchor

tetrathon engine c4

i'm not associated with this project admins delete this post please

Aug 23 2012 Anchor

is it fully online or offline?

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