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May 29 2014 Anchor

Eve of Ebon is an overhead hack 'n' slash RPG that focuses on action and storytelling, being developed by Phantom 5 Studios. We consider the game to be a throwback of sorts of styles of the late 1990s, Legacy of Kain, Diablo, and Castlevania to name a few, but very much it's own unique universe.
Take control of the villains, the vampire's last stand is now. Choose between 3 vampires from different clans that have united against their greatest threat, humanity. Once their prey, mankind has now expanded beyond control, amassing armies to snuff out the vampire's last stronghold.
Experience the vampire's story before they were forced into mankind's city streets, reduced to a mere alley cats prowling the shadows. The night awaits and the eve approaches, the Eve of Ebon.The job is a royalty position. We have a very solid base on the code as well as assets. The style of the game is very much a castlevania type but from the overhead perspective. Very dark and brooding. Dungeons, haunted forests, caves, abandoned ruins, are all part of the journey these assassins must embarked on. Must have experience in unity, over 21 preferably and at least 12 hours per week to commit. Some understanding of scripting is a bonus. Message us here if interested.

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Jun 11 2014 Anchor

im a 3d architect. does that help? here is my work

Jul 9 2014 Anchor

Contact me on Skype at: blaze9919

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