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Sep 27 2015 Anchor

As title starts out, let the war begin!(I didn't found any topic like this here :P)

Private i just hate pad's, i can't think playing or anything with them.I lived entire live on keyboard, i think that is better.Also i can't understand people saying "yo need pad to play this game, otherwise you won't get real experience",Still keyboard is also good to play with it.

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Oct 8 2015 Anchor

I'm assuming it's Keyboard and Mouse vs Gamepad?

Depends on the game I'm playing. My PC is at a workdesk and my Xbox at my TV. For shooters I do prefer mouse over the gamepad for the precision and so forth, but I've grown quite used to playing shooters or FPS games overall with a pad. My issue with the KaM is that the button layout can be quite uncomfortable to use because of the space betweeen them. Partly solved by having a mouse with two extra buttons. So, for comfort the pad is more preferable for me. Then again, you need to let go of the aiming thumbstick if you want to do an action, on standard controlls which is a negative. Might be better down the line if buttons start getting moved to other locations on the controller.

How a game is experienced is also important. I don't think I would have enjoyed Skyrim as much sitting in my computer chair as I wad enjoying it in my comfy couch.

I'd like the size of a controller and usability and precision of KaM. Both have their pros and cons.

Oct 12 2015 Anchor

I have experienced this when I was playing on a PPSSPP emulator Final Fantasy Type-0 and DMC 4 on my PC. I tried both keyboard/mouse and pad. And after getting to used to the both of them, I realized I'm just okay to used with both or any of them. It's all about just where you have gotten used to I guess for me. :)

INtense! End Boss
Oct 12 2015 Anchor

Where is the mouse!? Mouse is where it is at


Scott Reismanis
DBolical | @scottreismanis

Oct 13 2015 Anchor

Imo everybody should recognize that on topic there's option "keyboard", should count also mouse.Pretty easy.

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